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Processor Heatsinks


Designed to cool a variety of both Intel and AMD microprocessors, Bluecore’s range of heat sinks include copper heat spreaders, heat pipes and copper heat sinks for the most demanding applications.

The heat sinks are designed to make assembly as easy as possible and solutions offered include the thermal interface material, attachment clips and retention mechanisms.

Getting optimum performance from a CPU relies on keeping the chip within the design operating temperatures specified by the manufacturer, this is particularly important for high-speed operation and improves the lifetime of the processor unit. Bluecore offers a range of CPU heat sinks to suit a variety of Intel and AMD microprocessors.


The range offered includes copper heat sinks and heat spreaders with inbuilt heat pipes and active fan arrangements. This high technology approach to CPU cooling ensures the best possible performance from the CPU and maintains the ideal operating conditions for the chip. For the best thermal system performance the heat sink should be combined with a thermal interface material and secure mounting method to attach it to the CPU. This gives co planarity and a firm contact between the surfaces in the system, thus increasing the effectiveness of the heat transfer.