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Folded Fin Heatsinks

Specifically designed for high power, forced convection applications where space is at a premium, folded fin heat sinks offer increased surface area without increasing heat sinkvolume. Offering reduced thermal resistance of up to 60%, folded fin heat sinks are a high performance method of meeting cooling needs. Most folded fin solutions will be customised to specific applications, however our accumulated knowledge of these heat sinks will enable us to choose the best, most cost effective solution for your needs.

Manufactured by folding one continuous sheet of metal in a square wave pattern to maximise cooling surface area, the folded fins are then attached to the heat sink base by either brazing, solder or epoxy resin. Folded fin heat sinks are available in either aluminium or copper, copper offers improved thermal conductivity, but there is a cost and weight penalty over the aluminium equivalent. The key features of the folded fin heat sink are the use of lightweight cooling fins resulting in reduced material cost and part weight. The lightweight, slim folded fins mean that there can be a greatly increased number of fins per inch increasing the fin density and reducing the fin-to-fin spacing which in turn reduces the thermal resistance.