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For ease of design and to keep tooling and manufacturing costs to a minimum, Bluecore Heatsinks offer a wide range of standard extrusion profiles. These profiles can be used for many different applications from computer and industrial through to high end medical, military and aerospace. All of our profiles are designed with optimum cooling in mind, greatly reducing system temperatures and increasing MTTF and system reliability. These profiles can then be machined and customised to suit your needs, meeting the specific demands of your application.

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BGA/PGA Heatsinks

Bluecore Heatsinks offer a broad range of BGA (Ball Grid Array) heat sinks to meet the demands of almost any application. Specifically designed for cooling chips including, but not limited to, CPU chips, telecommunication chips, ASIC and AGP devices. There are a range of attachment methods available for meeting your needs, these provide a secure, thermally effective bond between the heat sink and the package.

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Interface Materials

Bluecore Heatsinks utilize a range of thermal interface materials that are specifically matched to your application and budget requirements. Choosing the correct interface material is an integral part of the thermal system design, it allows for a far more effective thermal bond between the heat sink and the device being cooled. This is done by increasing the co-planarity and contact area between the two contacting surfaces which allows for greater ease of heat transfer. Some of the main considerations when choosing a thermal interface material are the thermal and electrical characteristics, electrical isolation and temperature range.

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TO – XXX / Board Level

Bluecore Heatsinks offer a wide range of board level heat sinks that are designed to cool specific product packages. These product packages are widely used in electronics, and are specific to JEDEC packages such as TO220, TO247, TO202 and TO218. Bluecore’s stamped heat sinks provide highly effective cooling for small packages and efficient manufacturing techniques mean they meet market demands for cost effective solutions. The heat sinks can then be used with a variety of different attachment methods including solder tabs and attachment clips that ease labour and reduce production time.

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Processor Heatsinks

Designed to cool a wide range of both Intel and AMD microprocessors, Bluecore’s range of heat sinks include copper heat spreaders, heat pipes and copper heat sinks for the most demanding applications. The heat sinks are designed to make assembly as easy as possible and solutions offered include the thermal interface material, attachment clips and retention mechanisms.

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 DC / DC Converters

Bluecore’s DC / DC converter heat sinks are designed to match popular package sizes including quarter brick, half brick and full brick. Offering high level cooling performance, these heat sinks extend life and reliability of converters and can be used in a wide range of environments. Bluecore can customise any of these standard products to meet customer specific mounting arrangements in the most cost effective manner. DC / DC converter heat sinks can be supplied with high performance thermal interface materials.

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Folded Fin Heatsinks

Specifically designed for high power, forced convection applications where space is at a premium, folded fin heat sinks offer increased surface area without increasing heat sink volume. Offering reduced thermal resistance of up to 60%, folded fin heat sinks are a high performance method of meeting cooling needs. Most folded fin solutions will be customised to specific applications, however our accumulated knowledge of these heat sinks will enable us to choose the best, most cost effective solution for your needs.

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Heat Pipes

Heat pipes are a method of transferring large amounts of heat where there is a small ∆T (temperature difference) between the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ ends of the heat pipe. The great advantage with heat pipes are that they offer much lower thermal conductivity than can be achieved with a solid conductor, they are far more efficient than an equivalent cross section of copper, for example. Heat pipes contain no moving parts that can wear out, so system reliability is very high and they require no power to operate them.

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 Attachment Options

Attachment of the heat sink to the device generating the heat is a critical function in improving the thermal performance of the system. The attachment method has a direct impact on the efficacy of the cooling solution and it can also have adverse affects in terms of manufacturing costs and labour time. We understand that selecting an attachment method is a combination of meeting the needs of your specified environment, available space, thermal performance and cost. Bluecore Heatsinks offers a range of attachment methods that allow flexibility in your design while still maintaining a secure thermal contact to the device.